It all Starts with Seed

The very first crops harvested by mankind were started by choosing to plant the right seed. The quality and variety of a seed determines its strength, resilience, and the crop yield, which is why using the best seed has never been more important.

seeds in farmers hands

The cleanliness of seed is important to minimise the risk of weeds and other crop types that can threaten yield performance. Varietal purity is also important, and all certified seed comes with the assurance that it has passed quality testing to be both clean and pure.

By using certified seed, it is easier to provide buyers and those in the food chain the proof that your crop has been grown from a traceable source. Knowing the origins of a crop can be vital to some buyers and being able to accurately reference the variety you have used will help demonstrate a commitment to quality and traceability.

Through years of seed development new genetics have been established to offer greater resilience to common threats such as weeds, pests, and environmental pressures. These genetic advancements are all stored in a certified seed and the properties of that seed are clearly communicated by the breeder to help you choose which to select.


Using hybrid seed can bring significant yield improvements and agronomic performance, due to the heterosis, or ‘hybrid vigour’. Farmers should also be aware that using farm saved seed from a hybrid without the breeder’s permission is illegal.

Where home saved seed of a protected variety is used as a cover crop, payment of the royalty is due at sowing, this is regardless of whether a crop is taken to harvest or not.

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