Farm Saved Seed

The funds raised through farm saved seed declarations help our members to invest in improved varieties that are better suited to your growing conditions. By completing your declaration, you are helping plant breeders help you. Their research and development has offered answers to many of the problems UK farming has faced in the past and it is helping facilitate the sustainability of our food chain for future generations.


Seed declarations vary and there are separate arrangements for combinable crops and potatoes. To find out what the eligible varieties and payment rates are please follow these links:

When you have established what you need to make a declaration for, please use this website to make your payment. There is an online portal to help you with this but if you encounter any problems our team is available to help. It is a legal requirement that all farm saved seed is declared. Therefore, please follow the instructions and make your declaration today to support the work of plant breeders and the future of crop production in the UK.

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Plant breeding is responsible for more than 1% yield growth in the UK per annum, without this growth farmer’s income would have reduced £17,000 per year

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