R&D and Investment

Research and development is the life-blood of plant breeding. Many years of investment go in to producing new varieties before they can be added to the National List. Plant breeders rights and IP protection is crucial to encourage the continued development of new varieties that help farmers and growers to overcome the challenges of growing crops each year. We believe that by protecting plant breeders’ rights we can help stimulate the further investment needed to sustain the future of plant breeding in the UK.


To bring a new variety to market costs between £800,000 and £1 million

Sprouting seeds

Commercial plant breeding is a research-intensive activity and the average time for varietal development could be as low as six years but, in some cases, as high as 20 years. This includes identifying attractive traits and extensive testing to produce seeds that can be used by growers. Research and development is highly risky given the high failure rate of lines to achieve National List status and this is why we are working to help support and protect the role of plant breeder’s work.

New breeding techniques have only been developed as a result of continued research and development work. The UK has excelled in plant breeding and we will continue to support our members and their work to protect and promote their role in the future.

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