Being a member of the BSPB offers the opportunity to help promote and protect plant breeding in the UK. We are proud to have over 75 members who have all joined us to benefit from the representation and support we offer as a membership organisation, and to work together for the benefit of the plant breeding sector.

Our members include the plant breeders and breeders’ agents who breed and market all the amenity grass, major arable, fodder and vegetable crops in the UK. From multinationals to SMEs and public sector organisations, our members are the driving force behind almost all crop plant breeding activity in the UK.

We welcome companies and organisations that want to join us as members. Full membership is open to those who are conducting an established plant breeding programme in the UK. Associate membership can be taken up by breeders, breeders’ agents, those engaged in R&D for the UK plant breeding industry, maintainers of varieties or those involved in seed production in the UK.

If you are interested in becoming a member please speak to our team today.

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