Variety Trials

The BSPB supports innovation and variety trials as an important part of establishing crop quality and performance. For a new variety to be marketed in the UK it must pass two tests:

DUS – Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability
VCU – Value for Cultivation and Use

Field trials

BSPB is authorised by the UK national authorities to organise statutory VCU trials for UK National Listing purposes for all crop species with the exception of potatoes (for which VCU trials are organised by SASA in Scotland).

We also partner with AHDB, UK Flour Millers, and MAGB in the delivery of the UK Recommended Lists for Cereals and Oilseeds, and with AHDB and HCC for the Recommended Grass and Clover List for England & Wales; and we provide data to assist with the publication of the BBRO Sugar Beet Recommend List, and the PGRO Pulse Descriptive Lists. In addition BSPB organises trials and publishes Descriptive Lists of Forage Maize with NIAB and the MGA, and Amenity Grasses with STRI. Our trials are carried out by plant breeders and variety trialling companies across the UK.


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