Seed Innovation

The efforts of our members to continually research and develop new seed varieties is contributing to overcoming the food supply issues we face globally. Seed innovation is vital to the future of our crop productivity and to feeding our growing population. It is estimated that by 2050 the world will have nine billion mouths to feed. This means crops need to be more resilient to weeds, pests, and climate change.

Population and environmental challenges make seed innovation ever more important. Farming must find the answers to producing more food from the same amount of land. By producing more reliable seed that is capable of growing in a broader range of soils and climates we can utilise more land to grow crops successfully. Only through seed innovation have we been able to unlock this understanding and provide farmers with more options.

Our members are better placed than at any other time in human history to find the answers needed to provide the population with reliable food sources. By understanding how to develop seeds that provide more reliable, higher quality crops they are helping to secure the sustainability of crop production.

Without 20 years of plant breeding the UK would need an additional 1.8 million hectares of cropped land

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