Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is responsible for the availability of hundreds of everyday food products. It also supports crop production and offers opportunities for the UK to work globally.

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Every £1 invested in plant breeding represents £40 to the UK economy

Through plant breeding we have developed crops that are more suited to our growing conditions in the UK. For years we have been supporting plant breeders to adapt non-native species to be suitable for our climate and soils. The result is wheat that is more resistant to Septoria, higher yielding sugar beet, better tasting vegetables and more crops that are available all year round. This has created a thriving agricultural economy and a sustainable future for farmers and growers.

The contribution of plant breeding to the challenges of food production helps to offer the answers to food security. Plant breeding contributes to more sustainable agriculture and food production by increasing productivity and reducing negative environmental effects.

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Plant breeding is responsible for more than 1% yield growth in the UK per annum, without this growth the UK would be a net importer in all arable crops