Combinable Crops Information

Combinable crops payment rates and eligible varieties for 2023/2024.

The rates in the ‘Full FSS List rates June 2023’ PDF below are calculated according to an agreement between BSPB and the farming unions and are subject to change each year. Please note these are payment rates for farm-saved seed and not royalty rates for certified seed, details of which are available to BSPB production and sales sub-licensees only.

The eligible varieties are listed in the ‘Full FSS Variety List June 2023’ PDF below, alphabetically within species. N.B. the variety name may have a prefix e.g. look for ‘KWS Cassia’ and not ‘Cassia’.

BSPB operates the Trait Protection Scheme, which is a new way to protect the value of new genetic traits entering the market. Varieties in the scheme are marked with an asterisk on the variety list. To find out more, please view the ‘Trait Protection Scheme Summary’ in the resources section below.