Careers in Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is a fascinating industry that offers exciting opportunities for those with the ability to help with the ongoing research and development needed to feed our growing population. A career in plant breeding is both demanding and rewarding. We help to support plant breeders by promoting how a career in plant breeding can be rewarding for those who possess the skills and interest needed to thrive.

If you are looking to further develop or diversify your skills and have a genuine interest in providing the answers to crop development, then plant breeding could be the career for you. Developing new varieties can take many years so patience and determination are character traits that you will need if you are to succeed in this small but extremely important sector.

We advise those who are interested to find out more about a career in plant breeding to review our members list and approach them to better understand what roles they may be offering. The future of agriculture relies on those with the knowledge, commitment, and talent to come forward and show an interest in plant breeding. If you are successful, you will become part of a vital industry sector that is contributing to the ongoing success of farmers, growers and food producers who feed our population.

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