BSPB as part of the Agri Supply Coalition, get key time with Minister Prentis to discuss some of the issues facing our industry, especially those caused by Brexit and COVID 19.

The key role which the agricultural supply sector has to play for farming’s new future was underlined in a meeting between Victoria Prentis, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defra and the AgriSupply Coalition.

The Coalition, which represents nine trade and professional associations concerned in the supply of goods, advice and services to the agriculture sector, offers a one-stop shop for engagement between government and the supply industries which consist of a wide range of businesses including multinational businesses, small and medium size enterprises and individual consultants and contractors.

The discussion covered key strategic issues ranging from new trading arrangements and current Covid issues to future farming productivity and opportunities for the UK to become a global leader in agricultural research and innovation.

The Minister clearly appreciated the work of the Coalition’s member organisations in providing ‘on the ground’ feedback on the practical issues arising from new UK:EU and Northern Ireland trading arrangements as well as their willingness to contribute to ensuring that emerging regulations are workable in practice.

“We were delighted with the Minister’s recognition of the important role which input from the supply sector can make to both implementing new regulations and developing future plans for the whole of agriculture and the food supply chains,” said Robert Sheasby, Coalition Chair.

Farming Minister Victoria Prentis said: “The Agri-Supply Coalition are doing great work to help keep the nation fed during this challenging time. I am grateful to them for all that they have done, and continue to do, and for their ongoing engagement with us to share their insight.

I look forward to working closely with the industry as we work together to implement our future farming policy and strive to make our farming sector the most innovative and productive in the world.”

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